Monday, October 18, 2010


A Tibetan, by the name Marpa, who was searching, once heard about a master. He went to him,surrendered and trusted the master totally.

"What am I supposed to do now ? Marpa asked the master.

The master said, "Once you have surrendered to me, you are not supposed to do any thing.Just believe in me. My name is the only secret mantra for you. Whenever, you are in trouble or difficulty, just remember my name and every thing would be all alright."

Marpa touched the feet of the master and tried it immediately, he was a simple man - he walked on the river. Other disciples who were with the master for years could not believe that Marpa was walking on water ! They immediately reported the matter to the master.

"What ?" master surprised.

Master and all ran towards the river. Unbelievable ! Marpa was actually walking on water singing song, and dancing. On his coming to the sore, master asked "What is the secret ?"

Marpa said, "What is secret ?" It is the same secret you have given to me - your name. I remembered you. I said, "Master allow me to walk on water," and it happened.

The master would not believe that his name could do this. He himself could not walk on water. But who knows....he had never tried. He thought it would been better to check a few more things before he himself tried, so he said to Marpa " Can you jump from that cliff ?"

Marpa said "whatever you say " He went up on the hill and jumped from the cliff. To the utter surprise of all, he came down smiling, sitting in a lotus posture , landed just near a tree without scratch and sat down there. Surprising. Miracle. Unbelievable.

Master said "This is something. You used my name ?"

Marpa said, "It was your name"

Master said, "This is enough, now I am going to try," and with the first step in water, the master sank.

Marpa could not believe when master sank. Immediately master was pulled out...water taken out of his lungs...some how he survived...

Marpa said , "what is the matter ?"

Master said, "You must forgive me. I am no master, I am just a pretender."

But Marpa said, "If you are a pretender, then how did your named work ?"

The pretender said, "My name has not worked, it is your trust. It does not matter who you trust - it is the trust, the love, the totality of it. I don't trust myself. I don't trust anybody. I cheated everybody - how can I trust ? And I am always afraid to be cheated by others, because I am cheating. Trust is impossible for me. You are an innocent man, you trusted me . It is because of your trust that miracles have happened.

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