Friday, October 22, 2010

Osho On Christian Dictum Love Thy Neighbour As Thyself

Osho on Christian dictum love thy neighbor as thyself

Question: The Christian dictum is : love thy neighbor as thyself. But how can I love others if I don't love myself?

Osho: The first and foremost thing is to be loving towards yourself. Don't be hard; be soft. Care about yourself. Learn how to forgive yourself -- again and again and again -- seven times, seventy-seven times, seven hundred seventy-seven times. Learn how to forgive yourself. Don't be hard; don't be antagonistic towards yourself. Then you will flower.

And in that flowering you will attract some other flower. It is natural. Stones attract stones; flowers attract flowers. And then there is a relationship which has grace, which has beauty, which has a benediction in it. And if you can find such a relationship, your relationship will grow into prayer... your love will become an ecstasy... and through love you will know what God is.

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