Thursday, October 28, 2010


Breathe ...
Take in the light of the universe.
Let its energy course through your body like an infectious joy disease.

Breathe ...
You are connected to the source from which all is created and conceived.
Possibility is unavoidable,
limit a trivial point of ill logic.

Breathe ...
Know that everything that happens today is for your betterment
and for the betterment of everything and everyone around you,
thus, everything is wonderful.

Breathe ...
Contemplate and marvel at life's perfection,
the mystery that is this infinity of which you are a vital part.

Realize that we are all particles in a singular entity
and every day grants us the opportunity to contribute
to the health and well-being of that entity.

Breathe... Love... Be.
Embrace the Day

Tiffany Prochera

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