Friday, October 29, 2010

Give Title To This Spiritual Story

Once a King announced a reward of 1000 gold-coins for any one who found the diamond necklace of his daughter lost. A beggar was walking along a polluted river. A saw a spark in river and when he looked close,he saw the diamond necklace, right there. He decided to try and fetch it so that he could get the reward.

He put his hand in the filthy river to grab the necklace, but somehow could not get it. He took his hand out and looked again and the necklace was still there. He tried again. But, strangely he still missed the necklace. He came out and started walking away feeling depressed. Then again, he saw the necklace right there. This time he was determined to get it. He decided to plunge into the river. Although it was disgusting, he plunged in and searched every where for the necklace. Just then, a Sadhu who was walking there, saw him, and asked him what the matter was. The beggar did not want to share any thing with the Sadhu, thinking he might take the necklace and get the reward.

Being compassionate, the Sadhu again asked the beggar to tell him the problem and promised that he would not tell an anyone. The beggar gathered some courage and decided to put some faith in the Sadhu. He told him about the necklace and how he tried and tried to get it but kept failing.

The Sadhu then told him that perhaps he should try looking upward, towards the branches of the tree, instead of in the filthy river. The beggar looked up and was surprised to see the necklace dangling on the branch of the tree..

He had been trying to capture a mere reflection of the real necklace all the time.

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