Monday, October 18, 2010

Stress Management

Stress Management

There are some false beliefs about stress that we have acquired:
"A diet change, a little exercise and a good break from work will banish stress"

Truth: Diets, exercise, and holidays may relieve some of the symptoms temporarily, but they will not provide a cure. That's not to say a healthy diet and exercise are not important, they are, but they will not free you from stress. Nowadays in every local park you will find thousands of track-suited runners, faces lined in pain, sweat pouring out of breathless bodies, all in the name of balance and relaxation. And relaxation is achieved, because after two miles they are absolutely exhausted. Relaxation is not exhaustion or fatigue. Relaxation is the ability to relax your mind anywhere, anytime, and know that your body will follow.

Going on holiday in the 21st century may still be an adventure; it is still a change of scene, people, food and climate. And change can still (sometimes) be as good as a rest. But now you know that you don't need to go anywhere to rest, relax your mind and replenish your heart. Now you know that wherever you go, you will still be with yourself when you arrive. And what you think, feel and do there is likely to be exactly what you think, feel and do wherever you are now. So your thinking and feeling is what you need to change.

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