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Discussions with my lovely enlightened friends

hen you feel weary, lean on your faith. Know that faith is the salve that heals a tired body, mind, and spirit. Allow this powerful energy to fortify and refresh you. Take a deep breath now and connect with your faith in this present moment; you are here for a reason. Laura Lester Fournier
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Beata Bohac It's no fun to be "between faiths". I had a strong believe, but found some flaws because I searched the history and evolution of religion. So right now, I'm searching for the Truth - life is much harder, I'm a pilgrim, questioning everything. Intellect and faith doesn't mix, but I need to continue w/ my struggle. Thanks for all your inspirations, Alicia
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Alicia Isaacs
You're welcome Beata. Searching for the truth begins by asking questions. Look to the Spirit within as you ask. Be specific with your questions and watch the answers come to you. How to know if the answer is the truth? You'll know, you'll f...eel a sense of peace within you. Don't throw out all that you've learned from your religion. Keep that which is good and release those that no longer serve you and improve on those thoughts and beliefs that could be improved on. It's a part of the growth process of life.See More
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Beata Bohac It's deeply ingrained in me that I should obey only one God/ one religion. It is difficult for me to "mix and match" and to internalize bits and pieces of various faiths. I do realize that God has many names and is the epitome of love. I can't get over the part that one needs a savior to be able to communicate with God.
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Alicia Isaacs
There's only one truth, though it may be expressed in many different forms. It all leads back to the Source of all. Tree growth in Canada, the US, Asia is all the same. They may look a bit different but the process is still the same.

Love i...s expressed in many different ways but the Source is still the same. If love is your guide at all times, you'll always be on track. Because love wants the best for others. Love grows. Love makes the world go around. Love heals. Let love be your number 1 goal in all you do and you will have and know the truth. Let unconditional love be your only truth. Come from a place of love and only love will be expressed in your life and you will have found your place. Love is God and God is love. You can never go wrong with that.

What do you mean by 'I can't get over the part that one needs a savior to be able to communicate with God.' Are you saying that you feel that you need to have a savior to communicate with God or are you saying that you don't believe you have to have a savior to communicate with God?See More
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Badrinath Vasandi This religion complicates and confuses the issues...I am of the opinion that God is one and only...there is nothing like my and your God...
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Beata Bohac Yes, I also believe in monotheism. My past is rooted in Christianity, it is the religion of my mother, as you know, it is very difficult to disown the faith of one's elder. The basic of Christianity as you well know, is that to reach God you need to channel your prayers through Jesus, the saviour.
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Alicia Isaacs I totally agree with you Badrinath. When you get into the my God and your God that's where division and confusion comes in. Love knows no boundaries. Love is accepting of all and embraces all. God is one God and all comes out of the One Life Force and all return to the same.
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Alicia Isaacs
Beata, I have also been brought up as a Christian and I'll share my belief with you. I have taken the stance of referring myself as growing into Christlikeness and not I'm a Christian. Many have labelled themselves as such and only carry t...he label of Christianity and not the heart and spirit of Christ.

Jesus taught and walked in love. This was his life. Many of the things he said of himself was on a spiritual basis. I believe that Jesus identified more with the Spirit and being one with God than with his physical identity as a man. His life as the Saviour is God's physical expression in flesh to human. And this expression was a physical tangible example to show us who we are, to answer the question who am I, where did I come from?

The same path Jesus took to get here is the same path that we followed to get to planet earth. We are also physical expressions of God but many have lost their identity and roam around with a sense of amnesia, dazzled by this physical world. When we return within and become conscious of our oneness with God, like the example Jesus displayed, we can reconnect to our Source and realize the same power Jesus displayed on earth. It is for all of us. That was his purpose. We also need to live out our purpose here on earth and the only way we'd know our purpose, like Jesus did, is to return to the Source and connect with the Universal Spirit once again.

I said to you come from a place of love. The place of Unconditional Love is within your heart with the Spirit, where the Great Universal Spirit dwells and in this place we are one with all who connects with the Source, including Jesus and all men and women who choose to walk in the light of the Spirit. We are one in God.

Following Christ is not a religion it is a lifestyle. Men have made it into a religion. It is a relationship with one who knows the path to God and has walked in it just as we follow men on earth who have left a great impact on our lives.

Many of us embrace the religions of our parents and have not come into our own understanding and experience. Even though I was brought up in Christianity I chose to explore this life and relationship on my own to find myself. It is not my parent's or anybody else's path but my own by experience. And no one else can determine that experience for me and neither should anyone for you. You choose.See More
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Beata Bohac Thanks so much Alicia for taking the time to reply and for your wisdom. I printed your reply, need to do some thinking. Just one question right now: Do you consider the bible to be the Word of God?
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Badrinath Vasandi
i used to say that there are four things which are essential for life and one among four is to adhere to once religion..every religion teaches us ethics and all dos and donts....but with full we Hindu, when one take birth, he... or she is told the lies, the ready made.. stories..and up to.. the end he or she not clear about them..every community has its heroes and they worship its heroes...but now the things are more and has come up with new adhere to ones religion, is the first step, that step is also essential, but to know the truth one has to come back from market, he has to enter within...and there he would find the whole..,See More
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Beata Bohac
I hear what you're saying. One needs to find his own Truth. That truth has to come from within. You have secred text and teachings that provide moral foundation for conduct. I find tht the bible provides the same for me.
I believe Hinduism the oldest religion in the world, which would mean that all other religions came from it.See More
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Alicia Isaacs
You're welcome Beata. All of God's words can never be contained in one book. The Bible is a source of inspiration and direction and very profound. Many inspired writings have also been intentionally left out of the final print. But I believ...e that what we have has been inspired by God very much like other writings of today. God has never ceased to speak and continue to do so through many vessels today, through many books.

What I do when I read the Bible is to open my heart to the Spirit of the Word and allow the Spirit to guide me and open my understanding to what is being said. To read the word without the Spirit of the word is lifeless. We need the wisdom of the Spirit to help us.

Truth is truth. There's only one truth. Just as there's only one God. And no matter what banner you go under if you are open to the Spirit, the same truth is revealed from the One Eternal Spirit.

Find the Great Eternal Spirit within you. And when you've found the kingdom and experienced the kingdom for yourself, you'll find yourself standing on solid rock.See More
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Alicia Isaacs
Thanks for sharing Badrinath. We are an evolving race and the closer we get to Light the more is revealed to us. When we were children we believed and did certain things that an adult would frown on or even smile at. When we grow up we lay ...aside many of these childish beliefs because we've come into a greater awareness.

So it is with us. Even though we are adults in body we are still children in our understanding of spirituality. As we grow up spiritually and come into more awareness - being open to more Light - we lay aside the childish beliefs and accept new ones as the Spirit reveals them to us. It's all part of the growth process.

And as we return to the Source of all life and become quiet and listen within, more of the wisdom of the Spirit is given to us.See More
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Badrinath Vasandi
Alicia - i salute you....i appreciate your each and every word....we are still childish because we have conditioned like this...I read Bible, I read Qran I read book of so many other religions...I have respect for all...not less than my ow...n religion i.e. Hinduism....every religion educate us, tell us about the ethics and all other good things....
I am also of the view that one should invariably follow the religion in which he takes birth....all religion show us the path like all saints and guru..the journey of within i will have to perform myself..and one can find God only within...and no where outside..thanks Alicia and BeataSee More
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Badrinath Vasandi
Beata and Isaac ..I invite you to visit my blog and go through two important Lord Rama was the King of Messopotamia and the other Lord Kirhsna was the King of Jerusalem...I am a Panjabi Hindu India but my tongue is, Sanskrit is an Indo-European language, we all are one, where-ever we went in the past, we carried with us stories of our Heroes.English word GOD I interpret as G for generator, O for Operator and D for Destructor in Hinduism these are Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh.. basically we all are one..
aSee More
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Alicia Isaacs
Thank you Badrinath. Following the religion of one's birth may be the foundational steps for one's life but ultimately each of us must turn from all that's outside of us and come into knowing the one Universal God for ourselves.

It is no lon...ger my parent's belief or my elder's belief, but I have come into a relationship with the Great One, the Great Universal Spirit and when I have experienced this internal relationship, this internal awakening, then I live my life from within outward and not the other way around. That's the direction we should all be going to find home.

What's the link for your blog?See More
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Badrinath Vasandi
The religious books and religion at that time were just like our rule books or so many other informative books. It was just to make understand the things to the people who were not so grown at that we say A for Apple, B for Bat a...nd C for Cat.. neither the A is apple, nor the B is Bat nor the C is Cat...actually this was to catalyze the things...but the people have been so conditioned that they would not like to accept this..rather religions have made the who complicated and confusing....also see in my Blog Facts about ReligionSee More
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Badrinath Vasandi
Facts about religions


One Christ,
...One Bible,
One Religion
You know
the Latin Catholic
will not enter
Syrian Catholic Church.

These two will not enter
Marthoma Church.

These three will not enter
Pentecost Church.

These four will not enter
Salvation Army Church.

These five will not enter
Seventh Day Adventist Church.

These six will not enter
Orthodox Church.

These seven will not enter
Jacobite church.

Like this there are 146 castes in Kerala alone
for Christianity,
each will never share their churches
for fellow Christians.. !

One Christ, One Bible, One Jehova.....
What a unity!


One Allah,
One Quran,
One Nebi....!
Great unity!

Among Muslims,
Shia and Sunni kill each other
in all the Muslim countries.

The religious riot in most Muslim countries
is always between these two sects.

The Shia will not go to Sunni Mosque.

These two will not go to
Ahamadiya Mosque.

These three will not go to
Sufi Mosque.

These four will not go to
Mujahiddin mosque...

Like this it appears
there are 13 castes in Muslims.

Killing / bombing / conquering / massacring/. ..
each other !

The American attack to the Muslim land of Iraq
is fully supported by
all the Muslim countries surrounding Iraq!

One Allah,
One Quran,
One Nebi....!
Great unity!

All Muslims
are not Terrorists,
all Terrorists are Muslims.

60% of
all victims of Muslim terrorism are Muslims.


1,280 Religious Books,
10,000 Commentaries,
more than one lakh sub-commentaries
for these foundation books,
330 million gods,
variety of Aacharyas,
thousands of Rishies,
hundreds of languages...

still everyone goes to the
whether unity is for Hindus or others?

Hindus never quarreled each other
for the last ten thousand years in
the name of religion.

Only Politicians
had tried to divide and rule
Keep Religion out of Politics
India will be the most peaceful
place on earth.

Proud to be an INDIAN and Hindu !

Sriram Savarkar ©
Hinduism is more a way of life than a method of worship.
Dharmo Rakshati Rakshithaha
If you protect Dharma, Dharma will in turn protect you.
Hindus, If people slap you once, slap them twice!
Posted by VASANDI'S Blog at 11:06 AMSee More
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Alicia Isaacs All religions have flaws in it, don't kid yourself. But it is for each individual to take the good and throw out that which is not clothed in love and find the truth of God within and establish that relationship with God within oneself. Perfection is in God and as we move towards the Light, we enter more and more into that perfection ourselves becoming one with the light.
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Badrinath Vasandi well said Isaacs.
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Beata Bohac Thank you both. Thank you for knowing that I'm very serious about this and treating it as such. I've printed out all your comments, I can't just read it and set it aside, I need to study and ruminate on it. Thank so much, I appreciate your help very much.
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Badrinath Vasandi
No Beata don't take like is general science has come very close to God....and the things are becoming clearer and should have complete faith on his or her religion...that is the base..and those who have no faith... in their religion are the most miserable persons. Religion gives us strength...but we are discussing to continue the discovery of science...there is only one source of energy in the entire universe...and it has the consciousness...just for five minutes, while going to sleep, one asks himself "who is I ? Where from I have come ? What is purpose of my coming ? where I will go ?See More
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Beata Bohac Are you saying that God = energy? I know I have energy, but I never thought of myself as being energy. I've read theories of "Collective consciousness" - we are all one - and I had trouble with that! I'm not Stalin or Hitler, I'm not you, I'm me. I got some books from the library too and I will study and think.......Thanks for your responses Badrinath.
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Badrinath Vasandi
this actually is because of ego, which separates us from others as well as from that superbeing..the moment we are connected, these all things settle down...Stalin and Hitlers were like that
, because of their ego , their minds...but i als...o accept my knowledge is not so deep....i know the headlines as well as some small things that too in patches...i want to enrich my knowledge through sharing on such topics...See More
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Beata Bohac I'm going to check out your blog, thanks.
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Alicia Isaacs
That's exactly it Beata. The essence of who God is, is energy which is expressed in physical form. Everything in the earth is an expression of the 'glory of God' - who God is. God's essence is in all that's why you cannot contain God. God i...s Omnipresent - everywhere, God is Omniscient - Knows all things, God is Omnipotent - all powerful. God fills all space, all time, all of us and in between.

We are one because of the essence of God that's in us and we are all connected through this same universal force. God is expressed in a very unique way through you, through me, through Badrinath, through the plants, animals and all of the universe. God is in all an is all.

It is in our conscious connectedness with God and our allowance of the flow of all of the beauty that is God which will allow us to see and express God's light in our lives. The further away from the consciousness and connectedness from God the less we express light. We become more like a sunless day.

Stalin's and Hitler's consciousness were not of Oneness with God. When we are away from God what else is there? Just darkness - the opposite of light and of who God is.

Jesus said he's one with God and God is one with him. You see me, you see the Father. I and the Father are one. Jesus spoke of the same oneness. Do you see how the basis for this is all connected even to other forms of religions as well? If Jesus is God and God is Jesus and Jesus said that we are one with him, does that not make you one with God as well? It sure does. God in you and you in God.

So coming back to where you search to find the answers? Again, get to a quiet place and look within to the essence of the truth. To God. I could share with you all of this. But one thing I know that is paramount to all is that you must come into your own connectedness with God. You must spend time in quietness and ask questions of God in your quiet hour. And listen to the answers that come to you. What do you want to know first? Ask that question and say, "God, I need to know ....?" That is how you develop that personal inner rapport with the Great Universal Spirit. Listen quietly. Develop your listening skills and allow God to unfold in your life.

When you know, you know. It wouldn't be on someone else's words, but on what you have come to know and experience. Then you would not be shaken or moved. Your inner roots would have sunken deep into the soil of the Spirit and you will grow and flourish from within.See More
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Badrinath Vasandi Thanks Alicia..i am really enlightened with your nice interpretation ...thank u so much....
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Beata Bohac I thank you too, Alicia, you have put lots of time & effort into this...I do have some questions, will ask when time allows. Thanks so much again. xx
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Alicia Isaacs You`re welcome Badrinath and thank you. Have a great weekend.
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Alicia Isaacs You`re welcome Beata. That`s what it`s all about, to share with others our personal experiences and understanding and be the light to others as well. Ask away when you`re ready. Have a great weekend.
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Beata Bohac Thanks Alicia and Happy Thanksgiving. We have lots to be thankful for.
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Alicia Isaacs You`re welcome and to you too. So true. We are so blessed. Thank you for being my FB friend.
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Badrinath Vasandi
Good Morning Beata...only got ten minutes just forget the question..simply accept 'yes it is so' and experience the tremendous happened with all...question is the product of argumentative.... mind....ego...just accept...for a wh...ile...surrender

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