Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Power to Tolerence (contd..) by my fb friend Nujpur Kartyamurty

Inculcating Powers Through Rajyoga Meditation

The Power To Tolerate (cont.)

For most human beings today, if someone insults them, they'll immediately become angry or upset in return, so nothing gets resolved. Those with a good character may be able to smile for a while, responding with patience, but repeated assaults will tire them down until the point come where they will react.

If, however, through my meditation, I am receiving unlimited power from the Supreme, my heart will remain open and I won't count how many times the other person has insulted me. This may sound like an impossible thing to do. Meditation, however, makes the impossible possible. Experienced meditators, who have developed a very deep, personal relationship with the Supreme, and keep the Supreme as their constant companion, display just such a power. It's immensely worthwhile for all of us to move towards that goal.

True tolerance is made possible by openness and acceptance. It doesn't mean clenching my teeth and carrying on, come what may. Repression or suppression of my feelings can cause me all sorts of internal damage, and end in an explosion and damage others too.
(To be continued tomorrow …..)

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