Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Time Management - Joyful Work

Time Management

Joyful Work:

Do you enjoy what you do? Do you enjoy your work? When you enjoy what you are doing you are so absorbed and involved in the task that you rarely stop to think about time. We think we ‘have to’ go to work because we associate work with hard labour, a kind of boredom that must be tolerated. We rarely see work for what it is. What is work? Is it something to get joy from, or something to give joy to? We are conditioned to see and think about work as a necessary activity in order to pay for the ‘good’ things in life. And so many of us leave our hearts in our homes, and reluctantly (unwillingly) do what we think we have to do – with one eye on the task and the other eye on the clock. Notice, when you are doing what you love doing, you do what you do with love…and joy…and willingly. And time is never a problem. So here is the challenge:

Exercise: Are you doing what you love doing, is the work that you do what you give yourself willingly to? If not, what do you love doing, or what is it that you joyfully enjoy giving your time, interest and attention to? (By ‘doing’ we mean something that is creative or interactive not something static (inactive)). Imagine you are doing what you love doing for a living, what does this look like? What could you do to begin to make the change from what you do now, to what would allow you to be more joyful at work.

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With Regard's
Shalini Kartyamurty.

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