Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ik Oankaar

Ik Oankaar There is only one Creator
Sat-naam Whose name is eternally true
Kartaa-purakh He is the sole Creator
Nirbhau He is without fear
Nirvair He is inimical to none
Akaal-moorat He never dies
Ajoonee saibhang He is beyond births and deaths, he is self illuminated
Gurprasaad He is realized by the grace of the true Guru (dispeller of ignorance)
Jap Repeat his name
Aad sach He was true in the beginning
Jugaad sach He was true when the ages commenced and has ever been true
Hai bhee sach He is also true now
Nanak hosee bhee sach Satguru Nanak says that he will always be true in the future

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