Monday, November 1, 2010

The Origin Of Addictions - How To Overcome Them

The Origin of Addictions: How to Overcome Them

Today, the number of addictions and addicts is growing fast. It seems that today human beings can become addicts of almost anything: credit cards, eating, drinking, sweets, lust, smoking, relationships, television, the internet and computer games, football, earning money, spending money, power, work, arguing, war.

In some ways, this shows the presence of an inner void (emptiness) that people try to fill with external things. While a person becomes an addict to any of the above aspects, their willpower is gradually weakened. And if one does not realize what is happening or does not put a stop to it, it is possible to fall into a spiraling series of automatic and compulsive actions that gradually limits our freedom to decide what we want to do with our lives, causing a loss of self-esteem and a state of depression, anxiety and dependency.

The origin of many addictions is due to a desperate need to solve a problem or a spiritual need (which may be a lack of respect, love, peace, attention, consideration) of a materialist form.

Here are a few examples:

In a cigarette: one looks for peace, calm and relaxation.

In alcohol: one looks for confidence, determination and security.

In sugar and chocolate: one looks for love, sweetness and tenderness.
With Regard's
Shalini Kartymurty.

In coffee and tea: one looks for energy and inner strength.

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