Monday, November 15, 2010

Live, Laugh and Enjoy

God & I - Anupam Kher

You find God in...

"I find God in simple things of life. God resides in every thing that encompasses us. I find Him in the goodness of people. God is a faith for me, and faith is the only thing in life that keeps us going. I believe in optimism being positive. Optimism is Godly for me."

How do you connect to God ?

"I connect to God through focus, concentration, happiness and being good to other people. Prayers connect me to Him. I do not need a visa of meditation to get closer to God. It does not matter whether I am stressed or happy. I can chat with Him every time I want."

Karma & Kismat to you are ...

"I believe in kismet, but Karma is more important for me. When I was young my grand father told me ' Hard-work is the only way to attain your goals'And all through my life, I didn't try to prove him wrong.There is nothing in life that comes to you easily. I strongly believe and advocate the philosophy of Bhagwad Gita 'Karam karo, phal ki iccha mat karo'. For me, Karma is supreme.'

True contentment lies in.....

'Being kind to people, to be able to bring joy to others' lives signifies contentment to me. Being compassionate towards what you do, enjoying it and being happy is important too. You can't make others happy, if you don't enjoy yourself. So live, laugh and enjoy.

(As told to Ritu V Singh)
Anupam Kher is an actor

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