Sunday, September 5, 2010

TRUTH - A communication from from Mahabir Sharma

Thanks Badrinath ji...I would like to share a Truth well investigated by me with you all that we all human beings are infect spiritual being means spirits means souls. We all come from heaven together and return together no one will return... if there remain one ignorant .. We are known by our thoughts, Our thought are our consciousness and consciousness is life. Just as the highest tower needs a deep foundation, so are our higher thinking is based on going deep within ,if instead of seeking we start searching perhaps at the end we will realize that whatever we have been seeking lies within the quest itself. Stay original, natural and simple this will end your ego and when ego ends our heart opens like a flower and starts releasing its fragrance into the world .......Highest thoughts are churned in mind like first milk is fermented to curd and then curd is churned to get butter so are the Highest thoughts churned in mind and these very thoughts take us to the higher level of consciousness called evolution of human mind which takes ages to evolve / transform fully ..A normal soul takes billions years to evolve / tranform fully and there after can see all through the eyes of God...I am on a Spiritual Journey, striving to be a better person everyday .I have transformed myself and now I seek to transform others, as long as they are willing miracles are within us what we need is to open our heart to see them… …God Bless You all This emoticon has been enhanced by Facicons

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