Sunday, September 12, 2010

Being An Effective Manager

Being An Effective Manager

It is interesting to see how water is a symbol for our consciousness, our self. Just as water has the ability to take many forms according to the place, space and immediate environment, so our consciousness can take many forms according to what is seen to be the need of the moment. Knowing what form to take in different situations at the workplace (office) will determine how effective a manager you are. Here are a few 'ways of water' that correspond to possible states of being.

1. You can be like ice, solid and stable, and able to support others as they face and go through their life challenges and occasional (once in a while) crisis (problem).
2. You can be like a fountain, available and able to quench (fulfill) the thirst of others for understanding and knowledge. But for this you must have drunk at your own fountain for some time (you should have understood and experienced spiritual knowledge first).
3. You can be like a cloud, raining your knowledge and experience across a wide area reaching many parts, places and people.
4. You can be like a lake. When the lake is calm and still it is like glass as it perfectly reflects both mountain and sky. When you are calm and still, you provide the perfect mirror for others to see and know themselves with absolute clarity (clearness).
5. You can be like snow, lightly sprinkling (showering) the coolness of your spiritual qualities on all, and in so doing helping to cool the angriest people around you.

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