Sunday, September 12, 2010

Gurudom in India - A New Fasion

GURUDOM in India is not only a new fashion,has generally become a bigg industry........ their NGOs are purely commercial concerns and the surprising fact is this that the emotionally unstable simple people are being exploited in the name of SEVA for projecting the image of so-called Gurus as well as for production, marketing and advertising of their costly products - that too without making any remuneration to to them .In-spite of their exposure in various sting operations, people still follow them blindly.......Exorbitant fee is being charged for various courses.... Some Ashrams on grabbed land have become shelters for criminals and all anti -social activities.....exploitation of women...frauds...extortion... !this is all is known from various sting operations and media.....but still some people not only follow such Gurus blindly, the politicians and people in power also support and protect such Gurus for their own vested interests...Yes , there are real saint and divine being also..... for the sanctity of noble seat they should take initiative at their own to expose such so-called Gurus....

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