Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Discipline of Transcendence - OSHO

* Buddha says: If your heart is ready, if you have experienced life and the pain of it, if you have suffered life and understood the frustration of it and your heart is ready to move to the other shore — you have experienced this shore and have found that it is just empty, just illusory — if you are ready to move to the other shore without looking backwards, not even a slight desire for this shore has remained in your being, then you are ready.
* Then Buddha says: You are free of all discipline. Then there is no need; then this much is enough: your heart is in accord with the Way. Discipline will come; this is enough. Discipline is needed because your heart is not in accord with the Way. “But then,” Buddha says, “that discipline is not of much use.
* ”Remember, Buddha is not ready to take you on the Way if you are immature. Maturity is a must. And what do I mean by ‘maturity’? By ‘maturity’ I mean: a man who has looked into life and found that this is just a dream. When the reality that you think is real starts looking like a dream, you are mature. Then it is very simple to move to the other shore alone — there will be no difficulty; your heart will be in accord with the Way.
* You can go dancing, you can go singing, you can go laughing… you can go joyous, cheerful. You will not go reluctantly, you will not go resistantly, you will not go against yourself. In fact, you will not be going; you will simply be moving with the stream, like timber.

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