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Superannuary Benefits of ONGC...Letter from Mr.Ashwini Kumar Dixist to Sri Jaipal Reddy

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Subject: Superannuary Benefits of ONGC.

Respected Sri Jaipal Reddy ji,
The management of ONGC,due to its short sighted approach,has completely messed up the equation of distribution of superannuary benefits to its employees.This has resulted in plothera of court cases and the those responsible for HR function just try to while away their tenure somehow.
Please see the brief down below:-
A) Upto 1990-91 all employees were equal and there can be NO dissatisfection.
B) In 1990-91,some wise people concocted a POST RETIREMENT BENEFIT SCHEME for their own they were retiring in near future,obtained approval and hastily implemented.
ii)Right from day one it was known and duly EXPLAINED to the management that the scheme is NOT VIABLE. It was ignored.
iii) The scheme contained a clause that once opted nobody can go out.
iv)THE SCHEME WAS RIGHTLY STRUCK DOWN by High Court of BOMBAY as UNVIABLE and ONGC was directed to AUGUMENT the resources to make the scheme workable.Rather then following court instructions the scheme was converted to corpus based from Pension based in 1998 without approval from either the board of ONGC or from Mnistry of PNG as was mandatory as per original approval from the govtt .
v)There are number of court cases pending against the tardy scheme in various courts right upto supreme Coart of India.
vi)Since then,Sri R.S.Sharma,CMD,Sri A.K.Balyan,DIrector(HR),SriM.K.Vats,GGM(Personnel) and host of other important Senior funtionaries who were retiring soon,the scheme was RESTORED to ORIGINAL concept of PENSION BASED 1991 scheme in 2007! without approval from ministry .SO MUCH SO THAT the appoval of board was obtained prior to discussion/agreement with Unions/ASTO.
Truly speaking Mr.R.S.Sharma deserves to be reprimanded,Mr.A.K.Balyan and M.K.Vats deserve to be chargesheeted for acting with MALAFIDE intentions!
Here it needs to be noted that as per their own averment through affedevit ONGC has stated in High Court that it has NO role /contribution to PRBS.Then how come in ,2007 Director(HR) all of a sudden proposes a RS.2700 crore addition to PRBS,obtains approval of Board and CONSENT ETC. of Unions/ASTO are all as an afterthought as is clear from various notings available on record.
C) In the meantime ONGC floated another scheme under the banner of AGRANI SAMMAN in 2002 to amoriliate the hardship of pre-1959 joinees .But while implementing the scheme it was extended to all of those who had atleast 10 years of service and were not covered by PRBS.
ii) This resulted in undue advantage to employees with lesser service and disadvantage to employees with longer periods of service(with date of joining prior to and date of superannuation later than beneficiaries).THIS AMOUNTED TO CHANGE IN SERVICE CONDITIONS WITH RETROSPECTIVE EFFECT.
ALSO,it needs to be kept in mind that in the PRBS case,ONGC in its affidevithas very cleared averred that ONGC has NOTHING to do with the scheme which is of employees alone.
D) Now,we understand,that another IDIOTIC proposal has been cleared/likely to be cleared which stipulates payments of various amounts to employees with 15 years of service BUT earning from all sources to be LESS THAN RS. 10000/-.I will only say it is downright atrocious and a insult to all those who did spent a lifetime in ardous and hazardous working conditions to convert a paltry Rs.143 crore investment into a MAHARATNA worth millions of crore through beg,borrow or steal technology wise with obsolete world war II equipments.
Sir,by the grace of god I personally dont need anything from you or ONGC but many of my colleagues have passed away awaiting FAIR PLAY from their own colleagues who graced board of ONGC/Min.of PNG and even courts,who continue to deny JUSTICE TIMELY.
Sir,I appeal to you,to put a stop to all this and direct somebody responsible enough to asess what is being paid by other Petroleum Sector Undertakings as Pensionary Benefits to their own retired employees/and since when and accordingly compensate ONGC superannuated employees regarding whom I will once again vouch that they delivered in conditions which were worse than,defence at a time.
Yours Sincerely,
ONGC ID-17772.

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