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Ex-Gracia Scheme of IOCL By Badrinth Vasandi

Ex Gratia Scheme of IOCL
By Badrinath Vasandi

Ex Gratia Scheme

Indian Oil announced on 19th December 2003 the Ex-gratia Scheme for retired employees effective 1st December 2003. The sailent features of the scheme are given below:

Ex employees who superannuated / voluntarily retired from IOC or died, before induction of the SBF Scheme after rendering a minimum of 15 years service would be covered.
In case of death of an ex-employee (who superannuated as above) his / her spouse will be paid the applicable ex gratia amount till his / her death.
Ex-employees drawing pension under SBF less than that proposed under the Ex Gratia Scheme (Pension amount under SBF would be what he would have received as standard pension had he not commuted 1/3rd of the annually) are eligible to draw the differential.
Full time Directors will be eligible subject to the above conditions.
Spouses of deceased eligible employees benefiting from FPS 1971 would get Ex Gratia payment without any adjustment on this account.
Ex-employees who’s spouses or dependents son / daughter have been employed in IOC on compassionate ground are not eligible to benefit under the scheme.
The ex-employee must not have been dismissed / terminated / removed or abandoned the services, or resigned / deemed to have resigned or separated from IOC on premature retirement.
For deputationist, the service reckoned in IOC would be from the date of absoption.

Payment of Ex-Gratia (per month)

Grade Amt Grade Amt Grade Amt

A 2000 D 3000 G 3800

B 2200 E 3200 H 4000

C 2400 F 3400 I 4200


All retirees who are eligible to benefit from the scheme should immediately get in touch with their Divisions / Regions / Refinery Units from where they retired to put in their claims.

Your association had always promised those officers who retired before 1987 and were not getting any pension that their cause would be vigorously pursued. We have achieved success in this.

Subsequent to the above, the following amendments / clarifications have been issued by IOC management.

For calculating service put in by an employee, service either with Government or a PSU immediately prior to joining service in IOC will be taken into consideration, as is the case under the Superannuation Benefit Fund Scheme.
The amount of pension being drawn by them for the service rendered in Government or any PSU prior to joining IOC will also be deducted while working our the ex-gratia amount admissible to such an ex-employee.
As 1st Class Magistrates are not available at all places, the declaration made in the affidavit sworn before Oath Commissioner / Notary Public will be accepted as proof of having rendered the requisite service in IOC. Further, the life certificate given by the Branch Manager of any Scheduled Bank will be accepted under the above scheme.

There are other issues pertaining to the Ex-Gratia Scheme which need a review, and have been taken up with the IOC management.

Upon review of the above provision, the following modifications have been approved for superannuation and death / permanent total disablement cases effective 1 July 2006.

In the case of superannuation, the ex-employee should have rendered a minimum service of 5 years prior to introduction of SBF Scheme in IOC instead of 15 years of service.
In the case of death / permanent total disablement, there would be no minimum service requirement.

The ex-gratia benefit to ex-employee who are now covered under the modified eligibility criteria of minimum service will be extended w.e.f. 1st July 2006.

A list of representations received from the ex-employees or spouse of decreased employees, who may now become eligible under the modified provisions for payment of ex-gratia is enclosed for further action please. Divisions may intimate the details of the cases processed by 31.8.2006.

Ex-gratia Scheme for Ex-Employees

Submission of Life Certificate

As per the existing Ex-gratia Scheme, one of the general conditions for drawl of Ex-gratia is that the recipient is required to produce Life Certificate in the prescribed formal certified by Gazetted Officer or serving Sr. Manager or above of IOC to the concerned disbursing authority every year in the month of November.

Upon review, it has been decided that the retired employees may be allowed to submit the ‘Life Certificate’ on self-certification basis every year in the month of November in the prescribed proforma (Annexure-VA). In case of death of the retired employee, the spouse shall be required to submit the ‘Life Certificate’ as per the original provision for the first time as per Annexure-V and subsequently, the spouse may also submit the certificate as per Annexure-VA on self-certification basis every year.

The above may please be brought to the notice of all concerned.

Maximum Ceiling of Bed Entitlements

A Metro Cities

Nominated Hospitals Non-Nominated Hospitals



Gd. A 1530 1530 1530 1530 1155 1155 1155 1155

Gd. B & C 2065 2065 2065 1645 1565 1565 1565 1245

Gd. D to F* 3220 3220 3220 2475 2450 2450 2450 1855

*(limited to monetary ceiling *(limited to monetary ceiling or

Or actual AC single room actual AC single room charges,

Charges, whichever is Lower) whichever is lower)

Gd. G & Actual for AC Single Room Actual for AC Single Room


B. Other Than Metro Cities

Nominated Hospitals Non-Nominated Hospitals



Gd. A 920 920 920 920 690 690 690 690

Gd. B & C 1245 1245 1245 990 935 935 935 745

Gd. D to F* 1925 1925 1925 1490 1455 1455 1455 1110

*(limited to monetary ceiling *(limited to monetary ceiling or

Or actual AC single room actual AC single room charges,

Charges, whichever is Lower) whichever is lower)

Gd. G & Actual for AC Single Room Actual for AC Single Room


Revision of Ex-Gratia Amount to Ex-Employees

Corporation had introduced an Ex-gratia Scheme w.e.f. 1st Dec.2003 for the benefit of ex-employees, who retired prior to introduction of IOCL SBF Scheme i.e., 1st Nov. 1987 as conveyed vide IOM of even number dated 19.12.2003 and 11.07.2006. The ex-employees whose monthly benefit under the SBF Scheme was less than the benefit envisaged under Ex-gratia Scheme were also covered for payment of the differential amount.

Upon review, it has been decided to revise the Ex-gratia amount as under w.e.f. 01.08.2008.

Salary Grade Existing Ex-Gratia Revised Ex-Gratia

Ref./PL/R&D Mktg./IBP Amount (p.m.) (Rs.) Amount (p.m.) (Rs.)

A 2000 2800

B 2200 3100

C 2400 3400

D 3000 4200

E 3200 4500

F 3400 4800

G 3800 5300

H 4000 5600

I 4200 5900

Director 4200 6500

However, all other eligibility conditions for grant of Ex-gratia will remain unchanged


  1. Hi,
    Just want to know I am wife of IOCL retired employee my husband retired in the year 2001 and some amount is deposited in LIC of which I am getting 2700 pension monthly. As commodity and day-to-day living expenses are increasing, is IOCL taking any steps to increase this monthly pension and giving benifits to the retired employees. As it has become tough to make a livlihood with such low pension amount. How to make request to concern person who to contact to make a request to increase the pension benifits.

  2. If retired employees or officers are reading this please help me in this :
    I am widower of retired employee. Recently 10 grams gold was declared & was given to all retired employees
    but when I asked for this to the admin she said it is given to only the retired employee who is alive and is not given to employee who is dead. I was shocked by this when my husband have put in entire service and why I am deprieved of this. I send a letter to the hr and admin dept. but there is no answer from this which is shocking.
    When this is done can any one give me the answer.