Monday, January 30, 2012

Ex-INGCians' Network
By Badrinath Vasandi - Admin

Ex-ONGCians' electronic media platform has been established with basic purpose of attempting to create a productive and satisfying life for its' fellow colleagues:-

(1). That the

Ex-ONGCians' network aims to develop "Fit for Purpose"solution to individual / collective problems.

(2). Aims to offer a life alterting rational perspective on the attainment of superannuation with enthusiasm about fulfilling fellow relationship.

(3). To consciously build the Indian society, with a sense of well being, good health and enthusiasm for good citizen"s life.

(4)Volunteer Participation in organizing disaster management with the ONGC administration & the fellow citizens in case of natural calamities.

Aims & objectives

(1). To protect & secure legitimate rights of retired employees & the Sr citizens.

(2). To inculcate feeling of equality, brotherhood and unity.

(3). To educate members of their rights and duties, to redress and plead for their grievances before an appropriate authority.

(4). To manage an ideal association and to arrange social and cultural gatherings from time to time.

(5). To promote technical & occupational facilities to uplift the retired employees/Sr citizens and their family members.

(6). To promote educational facilities through adult education.

(7). To provide Sewing centers and other small projects for widows/poor ladies of retired employees.

(8). To develop a common platform for providing social service to the society.


Demographical aging has hit the Indian shares as well. People are living longer & life expectancy is steadily rising, already elderly have 13% share in Indian Electoral. Average voting percentage in Indian elections is 55.5%, but voting percentage of 60+ persons in every election is staggering 90%. Thus actual vote share of Sr citizens is 20%. Still they are a neglected lot!

every election is staggering 90%. Thus actual vote share of Sr citizens is 20%. Still they are a neglected lot! Pensioners are a major chunk of Indian intelligent voter who are armed, with vast knowledge & experience. They can not be a helpless lot. They are still capable of turning the tides.

Why not then Pensioners take a lead in uniting Sr citizens?

So, Come on, let us commit ourselves to this mission.

How do we propose to implement our vision

1. Start communicating with each other Communication is the basic step for forging unity, understanding each other & for solving problems, so start communicating with each other.

(I) At local level:-

(a) Communicate with your own members

(b) With Pensioners Associations of other departments, with Sr.Citizen Forums, With NGOs/social organizations, with Associations/trade unions of working employees, with VIPS and the Media.

(II) At National level:- Communicate regularly with inter department Pensioners Associations, with pensioners’ confederations / Samaj & With Sr Citizens Associations /confederations /Federations.

2. Start helping each other at local as well as at National level If one Association is facing some problem let us show solidarity by extending our support to it in what ever way possible. At least write a few lines to the concerned authorities supporting the affected Association.
3. In case of a National emergency or a natural calamity stand shoulder to shoulder with the Administration & the fellow citizen."

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