Monday, March 28, 2011

What A Life, What A Girl ! ?

What A Life, What A Girl!?
by Pymp4evr
A young relationship can never last long,
To get through some days, you must be strong.
Should have listened to the words my friends gave me,
Too late, puppy love got a grip of my heart and raped me.
I still like her and wish it would get through,
I screwed, so what, whatcha gonna do.
You know what they say, opposites attract,
Too bad with same minds no time to react.
Too much in common with too little time,
Sitting here wishing you'd still be mine.
If I'd have waited just a little bit longer,
The relationship would grow, friendship be stronger.
Never realize the precious time that love takes,
Cause the puppy inside me ain't ready for heart break.
Time heals all, through the best and the worst,
Even when laid out, toes up, in a hearse.
Sometimes I feel stupid even when not my fault,
Cause still intact, though beat up is my heart.
When you melt pure gold, it's as gold as ever,
When you break a heart, it's broken forever.
Time comes in relationships to never say never,
Cause in my heart you'll live forever and ever.

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