Monday, March 28, 2011

Innocent Love

Innocent love
Two kids
Both only in fifth grade
One day he walked over to her
They talked for a while
He gave her his email and she gave him hers
The emails started.
Poor innocent love

Back and Forth they traveled
They talked about random things
The first thing she would do when she got home
would be check her email
They never talked at school
He talked to her at church
Ever time he did she would end up blushing
Poor innocent love

He got in a fight with his best friend over her
He didn't understand why he
wanted to talk to a girl
(they're only in 5th grade)
The first person he told about the fight was her
He never wanted to talk to him again
Poor innocent love

What he didn't realize was one angry message
his best friend had sent him contained a secret
a secret he didn't want her to know
without knowing this he forwarded to her
Only feeling his anger
Poor innocent love

The secret was that he liked her
He didn't know that she liked him back.
When she sent him an email back telling him
that she liked him
He was so happy
Then something happened
She received no more emails from him
she sent him a dozens emails,
asking him whats wrong
Poor innocent love

He never wrote back
To this day she still doesn't know what happened
And that was four years ago
Poor innocent love

by becca8

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