Monday, April 4, 2011


A disease very similar to malaria, called Loveria. Yes, it is love in which every throbbing human being is indulging without knowing its lethal consequences. This love disease has symptoms of severe palpitation, increased heartbeat and adrenal level. The patient feels as if he were going to expire without that which is the only cure of this disease. You will be thinking that there are patent medicines for it and also electrocardiography. No at all; the beloved person is the only cure for it.
A malaria spreads through the bite of female anopheles mosquito, similarly, love proliferates through killer glances of fashionable and attractive coquettes and it becomes difficult for the poor sufferer to escape out of the entanglements of these enchantments and spells.
Now the real injuries start. Heart is the main victim. Cardiac muscles become weakened and fired by the unbearable burden of love. With the result of heart attack. Brain becomes infected with malignant love penetrating through nerves into the whole body. The patient is now moony and mad. We always hear a chap saying to his loved one, “ I am in your love.” So it is the real greatness of the patient that he admits that he’s mad.
Love becomes much more injurious to the sufferer when the parents of his beloved and his own become aware of this affair. Now there is no hideaway for the young sufferer fellow as the rage of both parents reaches its climax. And the chances of his survival?? No ways!!
Heavily battered with many beatings from both sides, the patient now feels a little bit relieved. His free roaming in streets and stay near a particular house is banned. But this attention has not much lasting effect on him. He tries to contact his beloved through phones, by SMS or chatting. When parents see that he is not going to stop, they eliminate and discard all these things. In this way, love becomes hazardous to other members of home as well because now they are facing…………
So, deadly effects do not influence the sufferer only but the whole family and it disturbs community. Unfortunately, there is no exact cure of love. The patient may be given lovage with hot drink twice a day. But this will not do the trick to avoid the injuries of love. I shall advise not as a physician but as a friend that change your route whenever you see any girl coming just considering her a black cat.
Only by this practice, you can keep yourself away from this nasty love disease.

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