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Collection Of Poems About God And Jesus And Some Smiles

"When your brow gets wrinkled
from worry and care...
Its time for a Faith lift!"


May your thoughts lead you often
to some quiet and restful place.
May you meet each new tomorrow
with a smile upon your face.
May you reach the star you aim for
and may your dreams all come true,
And where ever life takes you
may happiness always be with you.

~Author Unknown~


When times seem bad
And clouds are gray
A window in heaven will open
And there will be a way.

God has this perfect plan
For us all defined
We just need to tune into God's will
And all will be fine.

Sometimes in the course
Of our busy day
We offer our problems to God and say
'Your will be done' we pray.

After we give it all to God
Our faith begins to fade.
Lord Jesus, I think I have a better solution
And another request is made.

Remember, just give it to the Lord
And leave it there
God in all his miracles,
Will always be fair.

When he works out your problems
And delivers you from despair,
It's not just a one time shot
He will always keep you in his care.

~By Sharon Lambkin~


Each morning when I wake I say,
"I place my hand in God's today;"
I know He'll walk close by my side
My every wandering step to guide.

He leads me with the tenderest care
When paths are dark and I despair--
No need for me to understand
If I but hold fast to His hand.

My hand in His! No surer way
to walk in safety through each day.
By His great bounty I am fed;
Warmed by His love, and comforted.

When at day's end I seek my rest
And realize how much I'm blessed,
My thanks pour out to Him; and then
I place my hand in God's again.

~By Florence Scripps Kellogg~


Bless me, heavenly Father,
forgive my erring ways,
Grant me strength to serve Thee,
put purpose in my days...

Give me understanding,
enough to make me kind
So I may judge all people
with my heart and not my mind...

And teach me to be patient
in everything I do,
Content to trust Your Wisdom
and to follow after You...

And help me when I falter
and hear me when I pray.
And receive me in Thy Kingdom
to dwell with Thee some day.

~By Helen Steiner Rice~


who you are,

to share your pain,
to be kind,
to be compassionate,
to smile,
to lift a helping hand,
the sick,
the lonely,
the frazzled, worn, caretaker,
to understand,
to love,
to say "Good Morning",
to let us remember,
to say, "I Love You",
to let us forget,
to say, "Good Night",
to show they care,
to be our friend,
to listen,
to hear,
to speak,
to give gifts of kindness,
to always be there for us,

...God always remembers.

~Author Unknown~


God is a lamp to light my path
When I cannot see.
He makes the darkness turn to morn,
My God is leading me.
His comfort with the rod and staff,
He gives courage along the way.
God is a lamp to light my path,
I need to trust, obey.
And when it seems the darkest night,
And I cannot find my way,
I hear Him whisper, "It's all right,
Just look to Me, and pray."
Soon 'twill be morning; the sun will rise.
Night will be no more.
God is a lamp to light my path,
'Til I reach that shining shore.

~By Norma Woodbridge~


I'm mindful of the blessings
That come my way each day.
My heart is overflowing
Each time I kneel to pray.
I'm thankful for the seasons;
Each one's a masterpiece.
I'm allowed to work the land,
But God still holds the lease.
I'm grateful for the friendships
That brighten sorrow's way,
Because my cup of happiness
Sustains me everyday.
I love the children and the flowers
That decorate my life
And the quiet, gentle hours
Free from worry and strife.
I'm grateful for eyes that see
The beauty of it all
Because God's been good to me
And blessed me through it all.
I'm thankful for the little things
That fill my life with love.
The best things in life are free;
They come from God above!

~By Clay Harrison~


Give me a grateful heart, Lord,
For each small favor granted,
As years unfold, may I behold
Life, still, through eyes enchanted.
Let me find beauty in all things,
Not to be blind to see
The goodness in my fellowman,
That he would find in me.

Grant that my ears remain attuned,
To hear the smallest sigh,
And may I lead a gentle touch,
To those less sure than I.
Let me remember lessons learned,
To profit from the past,
And may I build a bridge of dreams,
That shall forever last.

Let me rejoice in simple things,
I need no wealth to buy,
The scent of pine upon the wind,
A burnished copper sky.
Scarlet roses on the fence,
Sunrise through the trees -
Oh, Grant that I may not outgrow
Affinity for these!

Give me a grateful heart, Lord;
Let me be satisfied,
When days are less than sunny,
And plans lie at low tide.
Life is an adventure,
That will lead to who knows where,
So, give me a grateful heart, Lord,
That I may always care.

~By Grace Easley~


I asked for strength
and God gave me difficulties
to make me strong.
I asked for wisdom
and God gave me problems
to solve.
I asked for prosperity
and God gave me brawn and brain
to work.
I asked for courage
and God gave me dangers
to overcome.
I asked for patience
God placed me
in situations where I was forced to wait.
I asked for love
and God gave me
troubled people to help.
I asked for favors
and God gave me
I received nothing I wanted.
I received everything I needed.


~Author Unknown~


I saw Jesus last week.
He was wearing blue jeans and an old shirt.
He was up at the church building;
He was alone and working hard.
For just a minute,
he looked a little like one of our members.
But it was Jesus,
I could tell by his smile.

I saw Jesus last Sunday.
He was teaching a Bible class.
He didn't talk real loud or use long words,
But you could tell he believed what he said.
For just a minute,
he looked like my Sunday School teacher.
But it was Jesus,
I could tell by his loving voice.

I saw Jesus yesterday.
He was at the hospital
visiting a friend who was sick.
They prayed together quietly.
For just a minute,
he looked like Brother Jones.
But it was Jesus,
I could tell by the tears in his eyes.

I saw Jesus this morning.
He was in my kitchen
making my breakfast
and fixing me a special lunch.
For just a minute,
he looked like my mom.
But it was Jesus,
I could feel the love from his heart.

I see Jesus everywhere,
Taking food to the sick,
Welcoming others to his home,
Being friendly to a newcomer
and for just a minute
I think he's someone I know.
But it's always Jesus,
I can tell by the way he serves.

May someone see Jesus in you today.

~Author Unknown~


His canvas is the whole wide world,
The brush, His mighty hand,
His palette made up beautifully -
He's the Teacher in command.

His clouds are white and billowy
With a hint of pink and gray,
He paints each slender blade of grass
To make a perfect day.

The flowers are carefully tinted
In shades of red and blue.
The water added, so to match
The sky of azure hue.

Surely such a picture
Could only have been planned
And brought before our very eyes
By God's artistic hand!

~By S. Walter~


Thank You, Lord, for daily things
which mean so much to me -
For the majesty of morning sun,
and moonlight on the sea.

Thank You for a job to do,
for a home filled with love,
And thanks for the trials too,
and faith in things above.

Thank You, Lord, for daily prayer,
and friends who come to call -
For the budding rose of springtime,
and the golden leaves of fall.

Thank You, Lord, for April rain
when rainbows fill the sky,
And for the pride inside my heart
when Old Glory passes by.

We praise You, Lord, for eyes that see
when snow begins to fall.
Thank You, Lord, for daily things
which bless us one and all!

~By Clay Harrison~


I said, " The path is steep."
He said, " I'm at your side."
I said, "But I am weak."
He said, "For you I died."

I said, "Dark valleys come."
He said, "I'll guide you through."
I said, "But I'm not brave."
He said, "I'll walk with you."

I said, "Be light to me,
And strength as I go on."
He said, "I'm more. I'm love,
You'll never walk alone."

~Author Unknown~


Hello God, I called tonight
To talk a little while...
I need a friend who'll listen
To my anxiety and trial.
You see, I can't quite make it
Through a day just on my own...
I need your love to guide me,
So I'll never feel alone.
I want to ask you please to keep,
My family safe and sound.
Come and fill their lives with confidence
For whatever fate they're bound.
Give me faith, Dear God, to face
Each hour throughout the day,
And not to worry over things
I can't change in any way.
I thank you God, for being home
And listening to my call.
For giving me such good advice
When I stumble and fall.
Your number, God, is the only one,
That answers every time.
I never get a busy signal,
Never had to pay a dime.
So thank you God for listening
To my troubles and my sorrow.
Good night, God, I love You, too,
And I'll call again tomorrow!

~Author Unknown~


Sometimes when I'm weary
And feel I can't go on,
I sneak off to my "special place "
In the light of early dawn.

My place is deep in woodlands;
" God's Country " it's called by some.
When my burden gets too heavy,
I hear my place call, " Come ".

I go there when I'm saddened,
And my heart is aching so;
The beauty and serenity
Help to ease my pain, I know.

It's there that I find comfort;
Sometimes I need solitude.
I feel so much closer to God,
And He gently lifts my mood.

I don't know if it's my special place,
Or the Lord above, Himself;
But somehow when I leave there,
I feel that I have wealth.

Perhaps it's just my being there;
Or maybe it's God's own way,
Of telling me to try again;
It's the dawning of a new day.

~Author Unknown~


Just close your Eyes and open your heart,
And feel your worries and cares depart.
Just yield yourself to the Father above,
And let him hold you secure in his love.
For life on earth grows more involved,
With endless problems that can't be solved,
But God only ask us to do our best,
Then he will take over and finish the rest...

So when you are tired, discouraged and blue,
There is always one door that is open to you,
And that is the door to The House of Prayer,
And you'll find God waiting to meet you there.
And The House of Prayer is no further away,
than the quiet spot where you kneel and pray.
For the heart is a temple when God is there
As we place ourselves in his loving care.
And he hears every prayer and answers each one
When we Pray in His name - Thy will be done.
The burdens that seemed too heavy to bear
Are lifted away on the wings of a prayer.

~Author Unknown~


Some days I get tired
of fighting it all,
The more I seem to try,
the more I fall.
And as I study
my accomplishments in review,
I realize they've been rather few.

No wonder I ask myself,
"Why struggle today?"
"Why not give up?"
That's the easy way.
But the universe's architect,
in His infinite plan,
Designed a challenge
to make a man a man.

The stumbling blocks of life
He placed in our way,
Are merely stairsteps
to success each day.
So when I feel like quitting next time,
Let me remember,
God made

~By Billy Burden~


Thank you, God, for little things
That often come our way.
The things we take for granted
But don't mention when we pray.
The unexpected courtesy,
The thoughtful, kindly deed.
A hand reached out to help us
In the time of sudden need.
Oh make us more aware, dear God.
Of daily little graces
That come to us with "sweet surprise"
From never-dreamed-of places.

~By Helen Steiner Rice~


When life's road seems dark and foreboding,
And the hills too steep to climb,
And you just know you're going to stumble
In simply "a matter of time,"
Don't ever stop walking - just slow down,
And you'll find some time each day
To enjoy the countless wonders
Gold has placed along the way.
If the going ever gets too tough
And you really could use a friend -
Remember - God walks beside you,
As He will till your jouney's end.
Just reach out and call His name.
He'll guide you and protect you,
And help you understand...
That life is never easy.
There will be joy and sorrow,
But if you learn to turn to Him
He'll get you through each "tomorrow".

~By Doris A. Orth~


Sometimes we come to life's crossroads and
View what we think is the end,
But God has a much wider vision and
He knows it's only a bend --
The road will go on and get smoother, and
After we've stopped for a rest,
The path that lies hidden beyond us is
Often the part that is best.
So rest and relax and grow stronger
Let go and let God share your load,
And have faith in a brighter tomorrow
You've just come to a bend in the road.

~Author Unknown~


Even though I clutch my blanket
and growl when the alarm rings each morning.
Thank You, Lord,
that I can hear.
There are those who are deaf.

Even though I keep my eyes tightly closed
against the morning light
as long as possible.
Thank You, Lord,
that I can see.
There are many who are blind.

Even though I huddle in my bed
and put off the physical effort
of rising.
Thank You, Lord,
that I have the strength to rise.
There are many who are bedfast.

Even though the first hour
of the day is hectic,
when socks are lost,
toast is burned, tempers are short,
Thank You, Lord,
for my family.
There are many who are lonely.

Even though our breakfast table
never looks like the pictures
in the ladies' magazines
and the menu is at times unbalanced,
Thank You, Lord,
for the food we have.
There are many who are hungry.

Even though the routine
of my job is often monotonous,
Thank You, Lord,
for the opportunity to work.
There are many who have no work.

Even though I grumble
and bemoan my fate from day to day
and wish my modest circumstances
were not quite so modest,
Thank You, Lord,
for the gift of Life.

~Author Unknown~


Today I got a burden,
And I felt that I should pray,
For God's spirit seemed to tell me,
That you were having a bad day.

I don't know just what that problem is,
But I sure do know the cure,
And if you'll only let Him,
God will keep you safe and secure.

In life there's always problems,
Cropping up to spoil our day,
But my friend, you know the answer,
All you have to do, is "PRAY."

If you still feel you're defeated,
And you want to run and hide,
Just reach out, and I'll be there,
Standing right there by your side.

So remember -- WHISPER JESUS,
For He's just a prayer away,
He's so close that you can touch Him,
All you have to do, is "pray".

~Author Unknown~


May your thoughts lead you often
to some quiet and restful place.
May you meet each new tomorrow
with a smile upon your face.
May you reach the star you aim for
and may your dreams all come true,
And where ever life takes you
may happiness always be with you.

~Author Unknown~


Dear God,
Thank You for this new day,
Its beauty and its light.
Thank You,
for my chance to begin again.
Free me from the limitations
of yesterday.

May I become more fully a reflection
of Your radiance.
Give me strength and compassion
and courage and wisdom.
Show me the light in myself
and others.
May I recognize the good
that is available everywhere.

May I be, this day,
an instrument of love and healing.
Lead me into gentle pastures.
Give me deep peace that,
I might serve You most deeply.

~Author Unknown~


I cannot ease your aching heart,
Nor take your pain away,
But let me stay and take your hand
And walk with you today.

I'll listen when you need to talk,
I'll wipe away your tears,
I'll share your worries when they come,
I'll help you face your fears.

I'm here and I will stand by you,
Each hill you have to climb.
So take my hand, let's face the world,
Live one day at a time.

You're not alone, for I'm still here...
I'll go that extra mile.
And when your grief is easier,
I'll help you learn to smile!

~Author Unknown~


God made the world with a heartfull of love,
Then He looked down from heaven above,
And saw that we all need a helping hand,
Someone to share with, who'll understand.

He made special people to see us through
The glad times and the sad times, too;
A person on whom we can always depend,
Someone we can call a FRIEND.

~Author Unknown~


Jesus, You have been so good to me,
You watch over me night and day.
Blessing every step I take,
While You keep the devil at bay.

Thank You Jesus.

You calm the storms in my life.
Shelter me in a time of rain.
Always staying by my side,
And bearing all my pain.

Yes, I Thank You Jesus.

You have opened up doors for me,
And pick me up when I am down.
Guiding me when I am lost,
As you have turned my life around.

Oh, I Thank You Lord Jesus.

Your love is deeper than the deepest sea.
Your blood washes me from within.
You are the saviour of my life.
You forgive me when I sin.

And, I Will Always Thank You
Wonderful Lord Jesus.

May The Peace Of The Lord Be With You.

~By Terry Sneed~




When a mother saw a thunderstorm
forming in mid-afternoon,
she worried about her seven-year-old daughter
who would be walking the three blocks
from school to home.

Deciding to meet her,
the mother saw her walking
nonchalantly along,
stopping to smile whenever lightning flashed.

Glimpsing her mother,
the little girl ran to her,
explaining enthusiastically,

"All the way home, God's been taking my picture!"

~Author Unknown~



He was just a little boy,
on a week's first day.
He was wandering home from Sunday School,
and dawdling on his way.

He scuffed his shoes into the grass,
he found a caterpillar.
He found a fluffy milkweed pod,
and blew out all the "filler".

A bird's nest in a tree overhead,
so wisely placed on high,
Was just another wonder
that caught his eager eye.

A neighbor watched his zig zag course
and hailed him from the lawn;
Asked him where he'd been that day
and what was going on.

"I've been to Bible School", he said
and turned a piece of sod.
He picked up a wiggly worm replying,
"I've learned a lot of God."

"M'm a very fine way," the neighbor said,
"for a boy to spend his time.
"If you'll tell me where God is,
I'll give you a brand new dime."

Quick as a flash the answer came!
Nor were his accents faint.
"I'll give you a dollar, Mister,
if you can tell me where God ain't."

~Author Unknown~


Just as there is no beginning or ending to a circle...
here is no beginning or ending to God's Love...

Every single act of love bears the imprint of God...

God made Friends
so we'll carry a part of His perfect love
In all our hearts.


"God sometimes puts us in the dark
for us to see the light."

"God is able to do immeasurable deeds."

"Where God guides, He always provides."

"God's help is only a prayer away."

"God without man is still God.
Man without God is nothing."

"Prayer changes things."

Elain's GOD And Jesus Poems

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