Sunday, December 19, 2010

What is L O V E ?

LOVE.. you can see it in different kinds. The one's feeling with another with pleasure is called love. you can love all. A child, an elderly man, a bird, an animal etc., whichever, if it gives you pleasure and joy, it is called love.

Most of our people thinks that love means between a guy and girl. yes, it is also a love but it is one of the branches of love. Now, we can see the definition for love. If a guy or girl fall in love means, it is a love, a real love is built on basement of full understanding, belief, confidence and trust.In fact he knows her fully, her natures, her family background etc.,vice- versa. This is a long lived love.

just she looked, and he looked and saying we are love means, it is not a love. it is called an attraction. He does not know her natures, similarly she does not know him or his background.

This is one is attracted by another. This is short lived love. A building of love without basement. if ones attraction goes, the another will go. A real love will live long, an unshakable. Now, we can see the third part of love. A guy seeing a girl and fall in love, but the girl does not know his love. similarly, a girl.

This is called one sided love. This will go automatically after some imaginations for some time. Another interesting love a man loves a girl and the girl is 15 to 20 years younger than him.

This love may end with good or bad, and if the man happens to be a rich, well versed, and the girl happened to be from a poor family, there may be possibilities, but this is compulsory love. The situations, circumstances forced to agree his love.

if a girl who is rich loves a poor boy means, as usual opposition will be there, and the girl's adamant nature will get success but all her family will agree finally and this is called compassionate love. if two old man and woman love means, though it is their decision and life, but it is also considered a love, but a late love.

Hope this will help you and no one gave such a great answer like me.

Off the record:

surely, please understand one thing. In the love affairs, the girl always stick on her decisions, never go back on her decisions, and she will face any opposition, but the boy's mind will jump here and there on seeing situations, favors etc.,may change his opinion. yes, this is true. The girls are top on taking decisions, and never shakeable, but a boy always shakeable. A boy can depend a girl, she will always faithful and trust, but a girl if depends a boy, he will not hesitate to sacrifice his love on any reasons.


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