Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Effects of Emotions of Love On Health

The Effects of Emotions on Health

Emotions have a huge affect on the internal workings of your body. You would think that feelings such as sadness and love are emotions that you conjure up in your mind but they actually have an effect on you're whole way of existing. From everything ranging to your interpersonal skills to your molecular make up love and hate change you. Let us say that you find someone attractive and you and that person have been getting along great.
Every time you see them your pupil's dilate as you attempt to focus on their every feature. They are associated with your positive emotions and your mind wants to know what it can about them so it kicks into overtime from the sight of them. However, what you might not be aware of is that when you love someone and have yet to have them these emotions can be overbearing. Your mind not only works triple time but your body starts to change to.
Even your very cells react to this live. When you are in love your cells band together and produce a milky substance between them (no one knows what this is). Therefore, your body changes quickly with the emotion of love. You feel strong, proud and able to conquer the world. When you feel sad your cells run away from each other and move very fast. It is almost as though they don't like each other. Thus you feel sad, weak and worthless. You don't have the strength get out of bed let alone do something productive. Four Main Changes with Emotions:
Psychological: Your feelings of longing and love affect your mind and the way you think. When you are in love you want to go out there and conquer the world. You long for that person and take actions you normally wouldn't do. Your psychological feelings create passion where rationality doesn't always work.
Metabolic: When you're in love your heart races faster, your blood starts moving and you begin to have clouded judgment. This is in part due to the strong emotions. There is only a slight difference between love and fear.
Both of these emotions can create major reactions in your ability physically handle the situation.

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