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Posted on May 9, 2008 by neelkanth
Pensioners are nobody’s babes unless they assert themselves is what they are getting constrained to realise in the context of this community being denied their due continuously. Traditionally interpreted as some sort of an exgratia, pension issue is treated as such only by the respective powers that be always pushing back downward the very natural concept that it is as good a basic factor as any fundamentally strong issue. If welfare measures are to count, they are infact the ones who need and deserve more on that count. Resource wise whatever they get residually in the name of pension is too meagre an amount to meet their requirement at an advancing age demanding so much of medical care and liabilities that remained unattended during their period of active service. What is more a matter of concern is that pensioners themselves are not found offering the required assertiveness and they remain confined to looking up to those who have tendency to take the issue as a secondary matter. Strengthwise numerically the pensioners are in much bigger a number now, thanks to Voluntary Retirement Scheme, and they are quite capable of being counted as a force but mere force or numerical strength by itself is not enough unless the required activity is generated with an accelerated movement. Pensioners in general or those from Banking Industry or particularly those from State Bank of India may have to garner and mobilise their ranks not limpingly but vigorously to secure the rights which are very much otherwise due to them.Sustained struggle, and not an apologetic approach, is the answer to such problems.
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