Sunday, November 8, 2009


Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC) has no policy with regard to missing employees. Rather, ONGC is still following the pre-independence days' practice to wait-for-seven-years to settle the dues of such employees in case their death is not established, where-as the things have totally chanaged long back..........

In accordance with the Rules of the Central Goverment, retirement benefits can be paid to the family of an employee who is missing and his/her whereabouts are not known provided the family should have lodged a complaint with the concerned Police Station to this effect and obtained a report that inspite of all efforts the employee has not been traced.

1. Salary due, leave encashment due and the amount of GPF is to be paid in the first instance.

2. (i) Death Gratuity restricted to the Retirement Gratuity. (ii) Family Pension from the date of FIR;and (iii) Accumulations from the Savings Fund under Group Insurance Scheme are to be paid after one year.

For the above purpose, the nominees/dependents should furnish an Indemnity Bond that in case the missing employee appears on the scene at a later date and makes claim, all the payments shall be adjusted against the payment due to such an employee.

3. (i) Difference between Death Gratuity and Retirement Gratuity, (ii) Insurance Cover admissible under Group Insurance Scheme would be paid after the death is estalished or seven years.

The claimants should produce proper and indisputable proof of death or Decree of the Court in terms of Section 108 of the Indian Evidence Act.

Subscriptions for one year and insurance premium alone for the next six years will be recovered with interest from the amounts payable on account of Savings Fund and Insurance Fund respetively under GIS.

4. Benefits can be sanctioned only on the employee being acquitted by the Court or after conclusion of disiplinary proceedings in case the emplyee is missing after committing fraud.

5. Famly pension can be sanctioned as per conditions stated above in the case of Missing Pensioner also.

Note: In the case of mississing employee, Compassionate Appointment can be considered after two years from the date of missing.

(The author has served this esteemed organisation for 42 years. He feels anxiety and intensity for any lapse detrimental the well-being and image of ONGC. Hence, such writings.)

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  1. Respected Sir/Mam,
    Missing is also considered as a superannuation, hence, you don't need to do anything, someonr from ONGC comes to your place or call you to the office and gives you a set of few forms in which you are suppose to attach some papers ie. FIR report, address proof, PAN card copy, bank account details etc. Police FIR is must in the cases of missing or unnatural death employees. The dependents of the missing employee will get benefited first with the Gratuity and leave encashment. After two or three weeks you'll get the CPF amount from the Dehradoon office. Once these settlements are done you'll receive a letter from PF commissioner to settle the pension and you'll also get the PRBS certificate from SBI Life. Within that period you are suppose to fill the CSSS form. Its the final settlement and parents also get the sum of 25% from the CSSS amount.
    Please clear your views before writing such things about The Government of India Enterprises MAHARATNA company who works everyday to benefit their employees and families. Hope my reply will help you to clear up your misconceptions.