Friday, November 6, 2009


While opposing the Bill to grant independence to our country, several decades ago, late
statesman Sir Winston Churchil said in the House of Commons:-

'Liberty is man's birth-right. However, to give the reins of goverment to Congress at this juncture is to hand-over the destiny of hungry millions into the hands of rascals, rouges and free-booters. Not a bottle of water or a leaf of bread shall escape taxation; only the air will be free and the blood of these hungry millions will be on the head of Mr. Atlee. India would be lost in political squabbles. It will take a thousand years for them to enter the periphery of philosophy or politics. To-day we hand-over the reins of the Goverment to man of straw, of whom no trace will be found after a few years."

Could we ever be so strong enough to disapprove and rebute the grim and poor picture of our abilities presented by this great politician of the world before the British Parliament several years ago ? This question has always been in my mind since the time I came to know about the said statement during my school days in the context of prevailing problems like unemployment, soaring prices, scarcity of foodgrains, adulteration in food and drugs, nepotism, corruption, political instability, black money, acceleration of production and demon of inflation etc. etc.

Still we have to see how we nullify the words of Churchil....................

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