Thursday, February 2, 2012

ONGC PRBS by Narayan Singh Rathore

by Narayan Singh Rathore

2nd, Retirees after 10.1.96 & upto 31.3.2007 were left in lurch by PRBS Trust & their Pension was decided by LIC. PRBS Trust acted arbitrarily in an illegal, unfair, disadvantageous, prejudicial N discriminatory manner. Trust converted Scheme into "Defined Corpus" in which entitlement of Pension became void. LIC became master n granted pension on adhoc basis. some EDs are getting pension of 1200 to 2000/month. Utter disparity. Conversion of Pension Defined Scheme into "Defined Corpus" was not approved by CMD n GOI who gave Final Approval to PRBS/Rules. Those retirees have claim for resettlement of Pension as per Scheme appd by Central Govt. Modified Scheme was never referred to Board of ONGC N Govt. for approval, before its implementation. Chairman ONGC also closed his eyes when Trustees strayed in wilderness to demolish / mutilate this welfare Scheme under a fake MOU of 3.2.1998/Cir. PRBS-40 in total violation of Para 31.2 n 32 of appd PRBS Rules-1991.
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Narayan Singh Rathore Mostly two cases (a) in Raj. H.C. Jodhpur N (b) Ahm. H.C. are referred in facebook posts.
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Badrinath Vasandi good sharing..thans sir

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