Saturday, July 16, 2011


Friends - We have the proud privilege being ex-employees of an esteem organization,ONGC. We would always remain indebted to it. As its ambassadors we have to project its image in public wherever we are. To vouch for its interests, its well being.So, we should always take its name with honor. We may have our own frustration, complaints, reservations, grievances, resentment on account of few people...few policies but all this should not have telling effect on ONGC in tarnishing its image.......With deep sense of remorse and regret I have already apologized for my curt utterances, if any... NOW WE HAVE TO EXERCISE SELF - DISCIPLINE. It is also necessary when we are planning to invite all Ex-CMDs and Directors/Members to this group, who also remain the part of system.

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  1. Excuse me,We have always been following descipline and decency whenever writing or approaching ONGC authorities for our Pension/agrani samman claims.There is no need to show any specialpreference to Ex ONGC CMD's /Directors as it's only because of them that we are suffering today. To give an idea of the PRBS, i am drawing today after retiring from DGM ONGC in 1993 will not be irrelevent here. DON'T LAUGH IT'S rS 1582 p m. HEHEHEHE

    o d singh Baroda