Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Friend, after creating this Group, in a normal course, i sent mail to some of my very very close senior retired officers informing them about the draft Aims and Objectives as well as seeking their benign presence to grace this Group. Unfortunately, my gesture was not appreciated by one of our colleagues at Mumbai and he wrote to me as under with copies to a number of ex-ongcians:

'Dear Sh Badrinath vasandiji,

"I have been receiving your mails and I found that the informations given are found to be not correct. Any of your information in the past as well in the future preferably should have a support in the form of an office order etc other wise our friends will not believe you.

Just because the mails do not cost, you should not misuse the natural benefit. This is my elder brotherly advice. Take it or through pl".

While expressing my high and sincere respect and regards for our senior colleague in view of his vast and active contribution for the cause of retired community, I would also like to make it clear that in service matters/jurisprudence expression of "personal opinions" vitiate the proceedings/issues. We have to limit our discussion or writing etc. within rules which have its own in-built system. I would never make any posting on this page if I am not fully aware of the issue and have no order etc to collaborate. I have with me all orders of the Corpn issued since 1958 in addition to so many clippings from the news papers, courts' verdicts and a number of books on rules.But, certainly there may be a lot which is not know to me or I am wrong on that account. Every body would appreciate that no one in the entire universe know the full truth...one knows half and half is known to other one..and the one who knows the half does not know which half he knows or which half he does not know... we have to understand this very fact......sharing on such common platforms , however, enriches us knowledge, bring clarity on issues. In the era of globalization, collective wisdom of highly experience retired employees has been recognized as one of the most import asset world-wide. Being the last one from the old-generation (1966-2008), mine was the long fight against wrong during the period of Shri Raha. Thousands of postings I made on ORnet.....and i was fortunate enough when Shn Raha himself identified me for Covet Award of CMD just few days prior to his departure from ONGC..It was a separate issue that my one time best friend, just within minutes of Shri Raha departure not only closed the file but also disconnected me from the ORNET..but upto the last moments of my service in ONGC I kept that man within his limit....THIS COULD BE POSSIBLE ONLY BECAUSE OF FACT THAT I WAS WELL TRAINED IN RULES AND REGULATIONS BY SOME OF STALWARTS OF ONGC LIKE LATE HARBANS LAL(HAPPENED TO BE MY UNCLE ALSO, SHRI KRISHAN VEER ETC.ETC . BY VIRTUE OF MY SECRETARIAL DISCIPLINE, INVOLVEMENT IN CULTURAL AND THEATRICAL ACTIVITIES IN THE CORPN FOR MORE THAN FOUR DECADES AND BEING IN SOCIAL FIELD IN ONGC AND DERHA DUN, I REMAINED TO CLOSED TO THE SENIOR OFFICERS AND THEIR FAMILIES.. AS IS THE CASE WITH SHRI JAUHARI LAL WHO IS ALSO IN THE GROUP...MY WRITING TO SUCH PERSONS IS NOT SOME THING UNPRECEDENTED IN ANY WAY....I STILL HAVE THE SAME RELATIONS WITH THEM ..

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  1. if there are 1000 person, there would be one leader...and 999 would follow him....we want that one....and we should not worry why the majority do not join us...there is one very good friend of mine..some how i added him as my friend..but whenever i try to add him on Ex-Ongcians no result...among others, i also sent him so many mails join ..even at one time he removed him from the group..why people behave like this....i retired in jan 2008, got 18 lacs as arrears on account of pay revision, even 10 lakhs gratuituity, 9000 PRBS ..good amount of terminal dues...more than 75...timely established business, well established show rooms in post area of Ahmadabad, whole sale, import, self manufacturing of branded cloth..clients in Mumbai Susrat also...still i feel it my duty to contribute here..i worked ONGC for 42 years..have seen the elders...but accept they have been wronged..i don't know what for people are so egoist..they feel shy in such things..my this personal exposure is only because of indifferent attitude beca