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Short Poems about Lost Love Poetry

Short Poems about Lost Love Poetry

The Flower

One year ago, this day you left me and went away.
I gave you a flower and you said: we were through,
you stood there and watched me walk away from you.
We broke up before, and got back together,
but this time I thought it would last forever.
The phone rang, I spoke and said, "I’m so sorry, I love you"
A man said: let me speak to your dad.
Dad hung up and said: Sorry, honey, but your ex-boyfriend is dead.
A flash of our love passed through my eyes as I cried,
Dad tried to comfort me, and then he said
"There’s one thing they can't understand,
they couldn't remove the flower from your boyfriend's hand.


Here and Now

I thought I was in love
That we would be forever
But now I'm sitting here crying
I'm thinking about the good times that made us laugh
The ones that outweighed the bad
I just know you are the one for me
But now I’ll know we will never be
Why couldn't I tell you these things
when you were alive
‘Cause now my life is just passing me bye
so please wait for me because I know we'll be together one sweet day.


Don’t Hurt Me

I've been hurt.
I've been lied.
Please don't be the next guy,
to make me cry.



Baby, I love you, you know I do,
and I still feel both black and blue.
I wish I would've not did what I did,
I wish I could press rewind and replay this thing all over again.

If only you knew how bad I feel,
Then maybe we can start over again, and make this thing real.
I wish you would believe me this time, and give me one more chance,
So maybe we can save this last valentine's dance.

I feel a tear running down my cheek,
and it's not because I lost at hide-n-seek.
It's from all the pain kept inside,
Is it too late to ask you, to be my valentine?



If love was a object what would it be
Would it be some thing would it be me?
All I can tell you is you have to find out
Give it a try and let your heart fly

Watch where it takes you
Watch where u go
Don t fall 4 something
That u don t know

When u find that someone or somethink to love
Don’t let it slip away don’t let it go
Keep hold of it forever and a day
Through sun, through rain and through snow

When that someone or something
Loves you back
Don’t give it too much
Without getting none back

Jade Wilson

Irish Kel

So this is where your dreams went, into the nightmare of your shame.
I know I'll have to ride slow, to avoid the falling blame.
I'm no stranger to these dark lands or to the cruel and bitter cold,
you may see it in my face and hands but in my heart the stories told.
So with hat down low and collar up through this hell I'll ride,
not so fast that I will catch you, nor will I miss a stride.
Steady and true I'll be there for you when you reach that cold black wall
and just before the darkness comes your name you'll hear me call.
Irsh Kel, please, let go from the burden of your shame,
Irsh Kel, please, don't go I'll beg in Jesus name,
Irish Kel, I love you and Kelli I'm right here
It's time to come home now, honey, unto the Lord give all your fear.


Dry Your Eyes

When I met you my eyes were dry,
Now all that I want to do is cry.
You took my heart and broke it in two,
I only wanted to be with you.
I am always happy when I’m with you,
I thought that you were happy too.
But I guess that it wasn't meant to be,
So I’ll stop dreaming of you being with me.
Now I lay in my bed and cry,
Hoping that someday my eyes will dry.


Gone but not forgotten

Although your life has passed on earth
we will continue to cherish your memories even though it hurts.
As every tear that falls from our eyes
is like to hear your laugh one more time.
You're an angel that has passed us by,
so sadly you left us broken hearted inside.
Just know that we loved you and cherished your life
and we will always miss you in our hearts you'll never die.
This is not goodbye it is see you again
our beloved friend, to you our love we send.

Dedicated to Victor Alexander Chavez

Jazmine G.

love is blind

love is blind you need a guide to find it.
But if you’re blind too long you'll never want to find it,
You'll be afraid to .
Love is like air: you can’t see it, but it's there.
you need love just like you need air to survive.
Love is a rose it can bloom, it can die
if you don't constantly tend to it.
Love is a baby take your time with it,
cherish it, watch over it.
Love can be whatever you want it to be.
It can be a smile, a hug, a kiss.
It can be a family that comes together
when times are good and bad.
but some people will never know.
Because love is blind.

Markeece johnson

The One

I used to think that he was the one
The one I would grow old with
But I guess not
I used to think he would the one I would go to bed with every night
and wake up beside every morning
But I guess not
I used to think he was the one to hold me tight and tell me
everything will be alright
The one who would never do my wrong
I used to think he was the one
But I guess the jokes on me

Roni St.Clair

lost you, lost world

Just a normal morning
outside is raining
You are not here
my heart is not here
dreamed in your image
thought you ever back
lost you, lost world

If it where so perfect...

If it where so perfect I could hold you in my arms ,
if it where so perfect I could touch your face with no harm,
if it where so perfect I wouldn't have to dream of you at night,
I wish I could still hold you tight,
we may fear that our love was once near
but now that it’s gone I don’t know where it is ,
if it where only so perfect to have you here with me
till the ends of my days.. I
will still love you, Dear...

natalie p.

lost love

I loved so many times
and it ended up as a crime
it never should have been a million times
love is a reason you fight and love is a reason you die

love is such a crime
such a crime

you end up in jail if you're not careful
love can be such a heart broken time
no matter what your heart tells you don't follow the same old lines

you do anything for love and end up doing time

Claire Hopps


All of my life
you were not there.
and now you decide to call me
and act like you really care?

sometimes I wish that you could only see
just what wonderful kids you have
and how me and Nick turned out to be.

And I do love you and I forgive you
but my heart will never forget the pain
and sorrow I went through.

and now I can finally say
that me, mom and Nick will be ok
and we will make it through
each beautiful day
just fine without you.

JeNnIfEr LyNn TeNnEy

I Fight To Hide

Falling down like pouring rain,
I fight to hide, agonizing pain.
The days will pass, his love will fade,
I fight to hide, memories we made.
I yearn for him to come to me,
I fight to hide, so helplessly.
Broken pieces, I search to find,
I fight to hide, one more time.

Angie Kelley

It Was You...

It was you whose face entered my mind
I couldn't help, but think of you all the time.
It was you who dried my tears
And took away all of my fears.
It was you who held out your hand
And offered me a love that's more then I could stand.
You gave me the world
And I gave you my heart
I can't believe how this love has fallen apart.
After all this pain, I love you still
Baby, I promise you I always will.
Please don't forget me as I won't forget you
For it is true, I was in love with you.

Brittany Koretski

What is love

What is love?
Is love something you can feel today
and have no sense of tomorrow?
What is love?
Is love what you see when you look at someone?
What is love?
Is it how you look about a relationship
or how you love at a relationship?
What is love?
I guess it's all depends on the person.

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  1. beautiful verses all expressing the most beautiful feeling we have been gifted with by our Creator ... love is kindness, care, compassion but above all that gentle shiver of the heart that stays forever with us...