Wednesday, April 21, 2010


National Policy on Older Persons seeks to assure older persons that their concerns are national concerns and they will not live unprotected, ignored and marginalized. The National Policy aims to strengthen their legitimate place in society and help older people to live the last phase of their life with dignity and peace, This policy provides a broad framework for inter sect oral collaboration and co-operation both within the government as well as between government and non-governmental agencies for the well being of older persons of the country. Further, it needs no emphasis to understand the role of ONGC for implementation of the said policy in its spirit and object with regard to its own retired elderly employees with a view to help them to live with decency, independence and self-respect in the fall of their life when their physical and mental prowess is ebbing corresponding to aging process and, therefore, they are required to fall back to savings. One such saving in kind is that they give their best in hey day of life to the ONGC till the age of their superannuation

In view of the aforesaid the senior citizens of ONGC are entitled to certain privileges and benefits in consideration of their loyal service and ONGC is under constitutional obligation to ensure implementation of the same

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