Friday, December 4, 2009


Finally, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC) had understood the financial hardships being experienced by the legendery elders who have built this giant organisation bit by bit in hardous, hazardous and hostile environ during its initial infancy and initial stages till their retirement of superannuation. Thus, it is learnt, that ONGC has proposed to enhance the amount of Agrani Samman at its own under the captioned Scheme, that ,too, at an stage when related issues of the scheme are being tried in various Hon'ble Courts inluding one at Mumbai High Court. To meet the expenditure for the proposed enhancement etc. , ONGC has reportedly decided to divert the funds from the Corporate Social Corpus (CSC) under the Corporate Social Responsbility (CSR) to which ONGC has already ermarked 2% of its net profit i.e. 1.25% over and above the prescribed mandatory rate of 0.75%. It has also learnt that the proposal, in question, has since been approved by the Executive Committee of ONGC and presently waiting the approval by Board. Kudos to the HR Deptt of ONGC for the speed and zeal.
In effect, the CSR activities are conducted as per the legal and statutory requirements under the Socio-Economic Programme (SEDP) on specific and well defined recommendations of the Parliamentary Committee on Public Undertakings (COPU). The said activities include:-

1. Promotion of literacy and higher education.
2. Providing Clean Drinking Water.
3. Community Development.
4. Helth and Family Welfare.
5. Environment Protection.
7. Development of infrastructure facilities - roads, bridges, street lighting, drainage etc
8. Promotion of Sports, Arts and Culture.
9. Assistance in husing & townships.
10.Improving the lot of socially and economically weaker sections of the society.
11.Providing emp0loyment to local people
12.Rehabilitation of project affected persons (PAPs)
13.Meeting local needs as and when required.

It is feared whether the above may allow to divert the Corporate Social Corpus under CSR to any other activity including Agrani Samman or PRBS that too at an stage when the proposal is afoot to centrally conduct and co -ordinate CSR activities with the joint CSC contlrbuted by various organisations of particular area. As a matter of fact, the best course would have been tp divert the funds for the purpose from the huge Kitty to which ONGC annually contribute 5% of its net profit. This fund can best be used for such puroses - by which nt only the legendery elders but also the other aggrived can suitably been sompensated without any legal hurdle.It needs no emphasis that for making any fund in an organisation, olders are always the major contributors. As such, whenever any additional benefit under Agrani Samman or PRBS is given. the same should be extended to olders also who deserve the most. ONGC is a gian profit making company. Itmcan easily manage the due benefits to the retired employees out of its vast resources in consideration of their loyal service till their retirement on superannuation.How far it is logical and justified where a senior corporate level officer gets PRBS @ Rs.1200 - 1300 or even less whereas his much junior at the level of E-I gets Rs 6000 or more ?

To manage a viable scheme on Agrani Samman and PRBS , competence of ONGC is at test.

Ex-gratia shemes in Banks, Railwayts and in some Public Sectors are worth taking note by ONGC.

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