Monday, October 12, 2009


Medical Attendance Rules, 1944, of the Central Government statutorilly apply on ONGC as ONGC is exempt from ESI Act. As such, all orders from the Central Government on Medical Facilities are also executed in ONGC irrespective of whether it was formerly Commission or now is Corporation. Once, there was an order from the Government to the effect that medical facilities would be extended to SON of an employee till he attains 25 years of age or starts earning, whichever is earlier.
The said order was duly executed in ONGC.. However, within few days of issue ,the Government reversed this order, but the same was not done in ONGC. As per existing provision of the MAR , a SON IS ENTITLED FOR THE MEDICAL FACILITIES TILL HE STARTS EARNING IRRESPECTIVE OF AGE LIMIT WHEREAS IN ONGC MEDICAL FACILITIES ARE NOT EXTENDED TO SON BEYOND THE AGE OF 25 YEARS WHETHER HE IS EARNING OR NOT.

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