Sunday, September 20, 2009


My birth was an accident which took place without being consulted me.Born on 5th May, Baramula, initially pronounced as Varahmul, (Kashmir - India) to a Panjabi family migrated from North West Frontier Province (NWFP)) of Pakistan during partition. My father was from Vasandis of Mansehra (formerly called Palkhi Sarkar) and mother from Oberois family of Buttal (Baltistan). Geographically, located at the famous Karakoram High-way connecting China, Mansehra was separated from SWAT (Udhyan) by Buner village. Buttal was a town within District Mansehra itself bordering Kohistan desert. Thus,Mansehra and Buttal both were under the Hazara Division of Provincially Administrated Tribal Area (PATA) of Pastuns dominated North West Frontier Province (NWFP) of Pakistan.
Mansehra, which is termed as "Paradise on Earth", was popular for its mountains, valleys, rivers, magical lakes, forests, flowers and sarhad.It was really amazing. The green land of Mansehra was known for love, peace, beauty, smiling and charming. People were friendly, social, educated, well-behaved, civilized and hard-working. To the other side, Buttal was inhabited by Pastuns and Bloch people and Panjabi/Urdu elite. The constant invasions resulted in one of the most distinctive societies and and cullture in the region. The "Rebellion Culture" was the main characteristic of Buttal which the people of Buttal are still following. They are fighters, aggressive, adament, rigid, dominating, determined , courageous, open, interprising and can go upto any extent in friendship or animity and love or war.

Thus, the above two cultures designed my genetic costmetic and behaviour.

I am a mes mixture of hyper, creative, clumsy, grumpy, blur, funny, kind,chatti, courageous, straight-forward, simple, sincere, sensitive and sentimental. I am innocent like a child and stubborn like a bull. Yes, I live a life of hate and love as a fighter and a saint.


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  2. While thanking the Onion Insight for their kind gesture, would feel grateful to discuss the issue further in due course.

  3. North West Frontier Province (NWFP) of Pakistan is dominated by Puktoons - whome some describe as descendents of Jews connecting them with lost ten tribes of Israil.It is also said that Pakhat of the Rig Veda are Pakhatoons of to-day. As per some studies, if the race can be determined on the basis of customs and traditions, the Pukhtoon would be closer to Arab.It is a fact that North West Frontier of Pakistan has, perhas, been involved with more foreign invasions in the course of history than any other country in Asia, which made them rebelion. To a Puskhtoon, honesty is one of the finest virtues, retributon a sacred duty, bravery an essential re-requisite for an honourable life. Love for independence, courage , endurance and revenge are their supreme virtues. Rest of communities in NWEP, could also not remain uninfluenced by these virtues, culture and circumstances.

  4. Wow, Mr. Vasandi!,
    Classic example of sheep in Wool's clothing, I was blessed to have worked with you at Ahmedabad. I was one of the young Drilling Engineers who you implicated in the Drill site Cloth purchase in year 2000, the persons you implicated included one DGM (MM) now he is GM (MM) posed at Delhi, one young HR executive, (he still languishes as DM (HR), wherein, he should have been CM (HR) by now), one DGM (Production), Three fire officers, two security personnel who were illiterate and Mr. Tripathi of ASTO, who retired subsequently....( I have not quoted other names as they still work for ONGC).

    Remember the hype you created!!!, Remember the Raymond cloth merchant (He is still at Ahmedabad) from whom you took bribe and wanted us to award the order to him. We refused and awarded the order to a different merchant!!!!as we felt that the material is substandard and rates were too high,
    You threatened, you ranted, you raved, you came to my office and called me in front of GM (D) HDBG, I still refused….
    Ultimately, all others caved in to your threatening……
    Mine was the lone dissident note…
    However, the order was allocated to the firm we recommended then….
    You were hurt!, you were furious!, you came to me and threatened that you will see me and you slapped vigilance inquiry on us……
    Inquiry started in 2001, all of us languished for eight years, it was completed only two years ago….We were all let off with a clean slate, infact, ONGC has awarded me for standing by the truth and not caving in to pressure….
    Each day, during those years, I remembered you,
    Last, before leaving ONGC, I was posted at Delhi at E5 level.
    My friends used to tell me that Mr. Vasandi is now active with “Art of Living”. I used to laugh at the irony of situation, I heard Guruji at Delhi, last week, after this , when I retrospect, I hope the change in you was for good.
    Your act had filled me with deep sense of regret, and this year we quit ONGC. The only regret is that a great company like ONGC lost two seasoned engineers, with 20+ years of experience, just because, a then Manager (HR) wanted procurement of substandard material for which he had accepted a bribe!...
    I forgive you Mr. Vasandi…. For playing with my life… for making life hell for my son who was six year old then, my wife, who is a celebrity in Engineering circles and has won many national and international awards on her technical papers….
    Loss is not ours, it is of the great institution of ONGC. Whatever you write in this blog it all appears to me as sham….
    But, I still forgive you, I am trying to let go the hatred… and will do so eventually….
    Please forgive me if I have hurt your feelings, but I felt, it was necessary….
    God Bless…..

  5. P.S: It was by chance, I visited this page, and would never do so again...